Should I Involve My Kid In Training The Dog?


Kids love dogs, and (some) dogs love kids. So, it only makes more sense when you have your kids bonding with the dog. But what about training the dog? How well can it go if you involve your kids in the training process?

Is it even safe in the first place? Well, we will be discussing that in this article.

Let’s get on with it.

Caution #1: The Dog Can Bite the child

The first warning of involving your child in training your dog is that it can lead to possible biting. Too many children behave unpredictably around the dog While that might seem innocent to you and the kid too, the dog might have a wrong perspective.

The kid’s behavior can make the dog nervous, stressed, and racking. Take, for example, when the child picks up the dog by the neck. This can make the dog react negatively and end up biting the child.

But in the real sense, the child just wanted to hug the dog and enjoy time with it.

Maybe the kid pulls the dog’s ear, sticks the fingers in the dogs’ ears, or eyes. Also, the child can even hit the dog with their hands or any object. If you are not observing this, maybe the child is punishing the dog in one way or another.

How the dog will react to the child will be different from how he will react to an adult.

Here are some of the ways the dog might react when he feels nervous or stressed around the child.

  • Growl, snap and bite
  • Chase and jump on the child
  • Feel uncomfortable around the child

Before you know it, the child and the dog will be like enemies in the house. Here, you will be risking serious to the child and even to the dog; in case the child hits the dog with an object.

What Should You Do Instead?

Well, you should try to monitor your child around the dog at all times. When it comes to training the dog, don’t always leave the dog alone with the kid. But the best solution is to find a breeder who specializes in personal protection dogs for sale

If you are looking for the best dog training service for your estate security dog, try calling (661) 904-4737 @ Wusten Berger Land They also have K9 puppies that you can buy if you want a new protection dog in the family. Even when you take the dog for training, it is always important and recommended to supervise the kid whenever they are playing with the dog.