Golden Retriever Feeding Tips

When we talk about the care of the golden retriever, without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind is its diet. Puppies that have not yet been fully weaned should be fed by their mother and with the supplements recommended by the veterinarian. The quantity and frequency of their feedings will depend on the quantity and quality of the breast milk, as well as the recommendations made by the veterinarian.

There are many opinions about what is the best food for these dogs, from those that support feeding exclusively with balanced feed (from different brands), to those that consider that the dog’s diet should be based on cooked food. There are also those who believe that dogs should be fed raw food.

Therefore, it is best to decide the diet of your golden retriever with the help of the veterinarian and choose to buy quality food. If your dog is a recently adopted puppy, check with the shelter and ask what he ate and how often. In any other case,
Daily Food Rations

Generally, golden retriever puppies are fed three to four times a day, while adult dogs eat twice a day. It is important to maintain fixed times for your golden retriever’s meals, removing his food plate 20 minutes after putting it on the floor, even if he has not eaten. In this way, you will help regulate your dog’s digestion, promoting his health. In addition, this will allow you to train your dog to go to the bathroom in certain places.

Water is another matter since your dog must have fresh water available throughout the day.
Other Tips On Feeding Golden
When you change your Golden’s food (for example, from puppy food to adult dog food), it is recommended that you mix the two meals for a while. This will make it easier for your dog to get used to the new food.

Although the diet can vary depending on how you decide to feed your golden retriever, you should never give him candy or chocolate. Especially chocolate can be very harmful and even deadly for your dog.

With this breed, it is very important to maintain food rations in relation to the amount of exercise the dog does, since golden retrievers have a tendency to obesity. If you use food to train your dog, cut a little out of his daily allowance to make up for the extra calories he receives during training sessions. Keep in mind not to take too much out of your daily allowance, because during training you also burn calories.

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