Canine Hotels Solve The Anxiety Of Dogs When Their Masters Go On A Trip

Many people go away for several days and leave their pets alone at home. In some cases, there are no problems: the dog feeds on what his owners left behind, relieves himself where he should, and leaves no mess. In others, the so-called “separation anxiety” appears. There are solutions, such as medication or leaving them at the home of relatives or friends, although they are not always effective or possible. The most convenient thing is to take them to Margale Pet Resort- Best rated Canine Hotel in San Diego!, where they will be cared for until they are picked up.

Separation Anxiety: A Serious Problem for Pets

One of the most serious forms of suffering in dogs is separation anxiety, which has clinical symptoms such as defecating or urinating in the wrong places, barking or howling all day, spraying everything they find, and even self-harming. According to scientific publications in veterinary journals, it occurs in 18% of pets and, in the case of dogs with behavior problems, it occurs between 20 and 40%.

Anxiety is a problem exacerbated by issues of modern life, for example, when adults spend many hours away from home. It is usually a few hours, but the difficulty becomes more worrying when the pets are left alone for several days. It is a real drama that makes coexistence impossible and, in many cases, is the cause of abandonment.

However, there is research that corroborates this problem. For example, scientists recorded dogs of different ages for an hour and a half while they were alone and found that those dogs that did not show previous signs of separation anxiety were passive, sleepy, or at rest between the ages of 60 and 22 minutes. However, other less frequent behaviors were recorded, such as howling, moaning, and barking after several hours.

Another similar experiment was carried out at the University of Bristol, which was linked to a documentary on British television Channel 4 called The Secret Life of Dogs. It showed that 85% of the dogs that were left at home suffered various sufferings, such as increased cortisol (the stress hormone) in the blood or separation anxiety.

One solution is to go to a veterinarian to prescribe medications (such as antidepressants or tranquilizers) or behavioral therapies. The latter is effective, but only when applied to puppies. Instead of applying these techniques, they may leave their pet in trustworthy hands. It is not always possible to leave him with friends and family. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact a dog hotel or nursery, which offers psychological benefits for pets.

What are Dog Hotels?

A dog hotel is a facility prepared and enabled to take care of pets for various periods of time, which can be from one day to weeks, depending on its service offer. Its objective is that the dogs have a place to stay while their owners carry out other activities, such as working or traveling. They are also a good choice when they get sick or need to be kept away for a season.