Dr Kelly VETERINARY CLINIC – Cleveland Ohio- WHO ARE WE?

Benefiting from long experience since 1966, the Dr. Kelly Verinary Clinic in Cleveland, founded by Doctor M. Kelly, offers a range of high-performance services.
It has a highly technological infrastructure and equipment suitable for pet care.

In addition to her medical and surgical skills, she stands out for her human scale and her desire to ensure a privileged relationship with her clientele.
Since 1984, she has organized an emergency and continuity of care service which allows her to display a notable experience in these fields.

The healthcare team, dedicated to serving your pet, is made up of 4 associate veterinarians, 10 collaborating veterinarians, and 12 veterinary assistants.

We are present 24/7 to take care of all types of emergencies.


We welcome you to your Clinic, and will always do our best to make you feel at home.
The entire team at the Mermoz Lyon veterinary clinic.